Prescription Discount Coupon

Many patients have difficulty affording the cost of their prescription drugs, regardless of whether they are insured. This is especially expensive for newer drugs that do not have a generic equivalent.

People can often get help with the cost of their medicines from public and private programs. Some programs let people buy drugs at discounted prices. Others help people who can't afford any part of their medicine costs.

Many programs exist to help patients afford their medication.

Manufacturer Support

Some prescription drug manufacturers operate programs that directly support the uninsured or privately-insured patient for use of the manufacturer's products.

Discount Cards

These Prescription Discount Cards function similarly to coupons, but work for multiple fills of one drug, or for multiple drugs.

Coupon programs

The manufacturer distributes coupons in paper or electronic form that the patient brings to the pharmacy and uses to get a discount on their cost-sharing

These coupons can be distributed through providers, or directly to patients via mass media or websites.

Electronic "switch"

An electronic process that activates discounts in pharmacy computer systems but does not require a physical coupon or card.

Coupon By Disease

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Acne Coupon

Addictions Coupon

Allergies Coupon

Asthma Coupon

Autoimmune Diseases Coupon

Baby Care Coupon

Baldness Coupon

Blood Disorders Coupon

Blood Pressure Coupon

Cancer Coupon

Cardiovascular Health Coupon

Childrens Health Coupon

Cholesterol Coupon

Cosmetic Procedures Coupon

Cough Cold Congestion Flu Coupon

Diabetes Coupon

Ear Nose Throat Sinus Coupon

Endocrine Hormonal Disorders Coupon

Eye Care Coupon

First Aid Medical Supplies Coupon

Foot Care Coupon

Gastrointestinal Bowel Disorders Coupon

Genetic Disorders Coupon

Hepatitis Coupon


Incontinence Overactive Bladder Coupon

Infections Inflammation Coupon

Lice Crabs Coupon

Liver Kidney Health Coupon

Medical Foods Coupon

Mens Health Coupon

Mental Health Coupon

Metabolic Disorders Coupon

Muscle Bone Joint Health Coupon

Neurological Disorders Coupon

Oral Care Cold Canker Sores Coupon

Organ Transplant Coupon

Ostomy Supplies Coupon

Pain Fever Headaches Migraines Coupon

Personal Care Coupon

Respiratory Disorders Coupon

Skin Nails Hair Care Coupon

Sleep Disorders Coupon

Smoking Cessation Coupon

Thyroid Disorders Coupon

Urinary Tract Health Coupon