Lifeline Program: Discounted Internet & Phone for Low-Income

What is the Lifeline Program?

The Lifeline is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Program that provides eligible individuals and families with a discount on their monthly phone service or internet bill.

By making these services more affordable, the Lifeline Program aims to promote equality and bridge the affordability gap, ensuring that everyone has access to essential communication services.

The Lifeline program is separate from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) program that helps low-income households pay for internet service and connected devices.

Benefits of the Lifeline Program

  • Eligible consumers may receive up to $9.25 off their phone or internet service.
  • $34.25 per month discount if the household is on qualifying tribal lands.
  • The Federal Lifeline program is limited to one benefit per household.

What documentation will I need to apply?

If the Lifeline National Verifier is not able to prove that you qualify with only the information you give, you may have to show official documents as proof.

  • Documentation that verifies your identity (birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, green card, e.g.)
  • Document that verifies your address (utility bill, lease statement, W-2, e.g.)
  • If you qualify through your income you will need to provide a document that shows that your annual income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • If you participate in qualifying programs, provide a letter or official document as proof.
  • If you are an emancipated minor, you must include court documents or certificate of emancipation.

Lifeline Program Providers