Free Clinics in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Community Health Clinics provides free quality medical care services in Port St. Lucie, Florida to low income families who do not have insurance.

If you can't afford any health insurance and don’t qualify for coverage through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), you can get low-cost health care at a nearby community health center.

Most of the free clinics near you in Port St. Lucie, Florida are community based charitable clinics funded by grants and private donations.

Free Dental Clinics

A free dental clinic is a dental care for adults without insurance facility offering free or at a low cost dental clinic services to economically disadvantaged individuals. Cheap or affordable dentist Care is provided free of cost to persons with no dental insurance and do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare.

On average, Americans pay about $360 a year, or between $15 and $50 a month, for dental insurance. Most affordable dentist insurance come with a maximum annual benefit or coverage limit.

Services provided by free dental clinics includes:
  • Free Dental Exams
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Free Dental Work
  • Free Emergency Dental Care
  • Gum Surgery
  • Cavity Treatments
  • Braces
  • Bridges and Implants
  • Crowns and Caps
  • Free or cheap tooth extraction
  • Dentures
  • Fillings and Repairs

We have located 1 affordable or free dental clinics in or around Port St. Lucie, Florida which provides a wide array of services. We have partnered with clinics so you can also check your eligibility.

Port St. Lucie Children's Health Center

Services provided :

  • Primary Care
  • Pediatric
  • Medical
  • Dental

Accept patients who are :

  • Uninsured
  • Underinsured
  • Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid

Tags :

  • Free Health Clinic
  • Port St. Lucie Free Clinic
  • Free Dental Clinic
  • Free Pediatric Clinic

Address :

1701 SE Hillmoor Dr,
Port St. Lucie, FL 34952.
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Hours :

  • Monday - Friday

Accept patients from :

  • Port St. Lucie Area

Income Requirements :

  • All income levels accepted

Clinic Fees :

  • Sliding scale of fees based on income

There are a variety of resources for dental care, including local health departments, medical insurance programs, dental schools, clinical trials and state and local resources.

  • HRSA: Free Dental Cleaning
  • American Dental Association: To help combat veterans receive free oral care
  • Medicare: Through Advantage plan
  • Medicaid:Dental Exam
  • Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP): Covered Dental exam
Assistance Fund - Financial Assistance
Assistance Fund - Financial Assistance

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